Player's Championship Qualifier #2 + RCQ Recap

Player’s Championship Qualifier #2 + RCQ Recap


With a new set to experiment with, we were very excited to host our second Player’s Championship Qualifier! 24 Competitors battled it out in the Pioneer format for a place in our end of year Championship tournament, as well as 4 invitations to the Round 7 Regional Championship! With this top 8, pioneer is shaping up to be a classic battle between aggro and midrange supremacy, with half of the top 8 being red aggressive decks! Multiple black-based midrange decks attempted to control them, but in the end Michael Cameron’s RW Convoke proved to be an unstoppable force. Let’s take a look at our Top 8 deck lists!


Michael Cameron – RW Convoke (1st)



Remi Goupil – Mono Black Waste Not (2nd)



Frank LeBlanc – Amalia Combo (3rd - 4th)


(MtgMelee failed to upload 15th sideboard card: Pick Your Poison)


Jonathan Stephenson – RW Heroic (3rd - 4th)



Brad Perry – RW Goblins (5th - 8th)



Travis Benedict – Mono Red Prowess (5th - 8th)



Adam Joyce – Mono Black Waste Not (5th - 8th)



Austin Halliday – BG Explore (5th - 8th)



I got to ask our most recent champion why he decided to play the RW Convoke deck and what led to him playing the list with no cards from the most recent set, Outlaws of Thunder Junction. Here’s what he had to say!


“I chose Boros Convoke for two reasons. 1) I haven’t been playing much Pioneer lately, and since Convoke was the most recent deck I’d been playing, I felt I’d feel the most comfortable with it; 2) It’s a streamlined, proactive deck, which felt like a good choice after a new set release where the meta might not have settled yet.

Yeah, nothing really stood out to me in the new set that I wanted to try. The deck has only a couple of flex slots – like literally, a couple as in two – so I could have tried something new in those slots, but nothing popped to mind. That said, I ran two copies of Sunshot Militia in those slots and I never cast the card the entire day, so I can’t say whether it or another card would be better in that slot.”


Congratulations to Michael on both invites, the top 4 on getting their Round 7 RC invites, and the rest of our top 8 and Leaderboard finishers! Want to see your deck list posted? Join us for our next Player’s Championship Qualifier on May 11th which will also be the Outlaws of Thunder Junction Standard Store Champs!



Written By: Travis Benedict
Pro Tour Competitor, Cat Lover