NBA Flex Deluxe Two Player Starter Set

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    The world's first Trading Tile Game (TTG) and AR board game that brings pro sports to life.

    All Flexagon tiles are hexagonal in shape, made of a premium acrylic material, and each comes with a distinct registration code. This registration code is one key to owning a Flexagon - the ownership status of the tile is tracked as it is traded, and the digital upgrades for each tile remain attached to the physical tile through this registration.

     There are different levels of rarity among the 207 tiles, 111 players in the base set for series 1. Look for All-NBA, Rookies/Rising Stars, All-Star and MVPs as random inserts for top stars.

    Link here to see all the images for all Flexagons -

    Each Deluxe 2 Player Starter Set contains all 2 fans need to play the board game, out of the box. Two "5 on 5" playmats, 10 Flexagon tiles, 4 FX power tiles, 2 dice, and all tokens in a beautiful storage box, the cover of which is also AR enabled. There are 5 different configurations randomly assorted of these Deluxe sets - meaning 5 different groups of 10 players included. Giving more fan variety in each case purchased, and encouraging additional Flexagon tiles to be purchased through the boosters.

    Series 1 FLEX NBA is offered strictly while supply lasts. All offers to purchase are subject to allocation or movement into Series 2 which will be available later this year. Orders will be confirmed separately, and no order is considered accepted until this confirmation occurs.
    "First Mint" signifies that this is the very first production run of these tiles. This will be called out on the packages and in the digital AR representation with this badge. Each tile that is release for the first time of a player will carry the "First Mint" badging - it will continue as new tiles are added in each series.

    - $74.99

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