NBA Flex Series 2 Booster Pack

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    Series 2 features the 30 top draft picks for the first time, in FIRST MINT form. FIRST MINT is the FLEX first edition printing of the FLEXagon with digital badging unique to this series. Also in FIRST MINT will be new NBA players newly released, and the first line of Champions tiles for the Bucks. Over 200 tiles are in series 2 with new player uniforms and art like for Russell Westbrook and Lebron James and including the chase levels as shown below. The Championship Milwaukee Bucks will be celebrated this one time, through the Championship Limited Edition Set, and as inserts in the Booster Expansion Packs. The booster expansion packs are now packed in counter display units of 18 packs, with 3 display units per case. 

    All of the amazing FLEX features continue in series 2 - an incredible AR digital gaming experience, with the distinct FLEXagon registration for each tile!

    - $14.99

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