WarLock Tiles: Dungeon Tiles I

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    The WarLock Tiles Advanced Starter Set is perfect for the more experienced terrain enthusiast. Also included in this set are twenty adapter clips for each of the two most popular clip-based tile systems, DRAGONLOCK and OpenLOCK, to help players integrate these tiles into their collection.

    With enough big pieces to construct multiple houses or even a large keep, this set the is the perfect way to provide your players with an immersive environment for all of your adventures!

    This set includes:

    • 26x – 2”x2” Dual-Sided Tiles
    • 2x – 4”x4” Dual-Sided Tiles
    • 2x – 2”x8” Dual-Sided Tiles
    • 18x – 2” Straight Stone Walls
    • 16x – 2” Straight Stone Interior Walls
    • 4x – 1” Exterior Wall Doors
    • 4x – 2” Exterior Wall Door
    • 2x – 1” Stone Interior Wall Door
    • 8x – Corner Pillars
    • 5x – Inside Corner Stone Walls
    • 5x – Outside Corner Stone Walls
    • 20x – Stone Edge Caps
    • 90x – WarLock Clips
    • 8x– DRAGONLOCK™ Adaptor Clips
    • 8x – OpenLOCK™ Adaptor Clips

    - $134.99

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