Battletech: Hansen's Roughriders Battle Lance

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    Whether it’s a running battle, a defensive stand, or an all-out planetary invasion, Hansen’s Roughriders will always be in the thick of it. They get the job done—regardless of how dirty they get in the process. 

    Unleash the Hansen’s Roughriders Battle Lance! Included is the new Penetrator, re-posed Atlas, and new variants of the Enforcer and jumping Hatchetman—no assembly required—along with four MechWarrior pilot cards and four Alpha Strike cards. Perfect for BattleTech and Alpha Strike action! 


    • Four plastic miniatures
      • Penetrator
      • Hatchetman, with optional jump jet exhaust
      • Enforcer
      • Atlas
    • Eight dry-erase cards (dual-sided)
    • Four Alpha Strike cards

    - $31.00

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